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Based in Tel Aviv, Israel

Founding date:
February 2016


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Mooi Studios is a husband-and-wife indie game duo dedicated to making games that live in the beautiful world between art and technology. Oscar Morante does most of the programming, game design and audio. Liran Grunhaus does the game design, 3D design, a bit of programming and the marketing/business parts of the studio.


Early history

Mooi Studios was founded in 2016 by Oscar Morante and Liran Grunhaus. Both of them are 80s kids that grew up on all of the classic video games from those times, spending hours and hours playing on their Amigas, Ataris, Nintendos and more. The idea of starting their own studio for game design came after Liran (originally a Neurobiologist) was fired from the biotech company she worked at, and couldn't find a job she was inspired by. Oscar had always wanted to make games (and had made a few in the past), and Liran had always loved playing them, but had never thought of the possibility of making them herself. Oscar suggested she start learning 3D design to see if she liked it, and once she started, it was a click, and Mooi Studios was founded!


After the initial learning and experimenting period, Liran and Oscar started working on Ufology, a retro-style arcade space shooter, heavily influenced by classic old school shooters like Galaga, Gradius, R-Type, etc., but with modern 3D graphics. Ufology is still work in progress, but has been met with excitement from people that have seen prototypes.

Fake Slap

Once Donald Trump won the election and started his presidency, and the quick rise of the Resist movement, both Liran and Oscar felt that they wanted to participate and give what they can. Liran is was born and raised in the US in her youth, and Oscar is from Spain, which has a dark Fascist past, so the cause was dear to both of their hearts. The idea of a simple, hilarious slap-the-Trump game idea seemed perfect, donating a percentage of the profits to the ACLU. Fake Slap is available on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.



Fake Slap YouTube


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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Oscar Morante
Programmer, Game Designer, Audio

Liran Grunhaus
Artist, Game Designer, Business and Development

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